The Community

It is utter shit being in this community.
None of us chose to live within it or have any part of it.
If we had a choice it would never exist. The order of life would be as it is meant to be…burying the elderly. Not the children before us.
Being a bereaved mum I live and breathe it every single day,there’s no day off,no baby sitter for. No break.
Once the first year is done, or the days that surround birthdays and anniversaries are over,people get bored.
Once they’re finished getting the attention, they also then get bored of giving the attention.
Can’t be bothered.

The community, no matter the day,whether it’s a birthday a milestone, just a shit day, they are there,with their understanding ear. (Or eyes). Remember. No nudging,no asking or even a mention.
Together standing side by side. Giving something, anything to know that within that community your baby will never be forgotten.
They’ll never be just one of those things,or an attention tool.
To them. Your baby is as important to them as they are to you.
Because simply we’re in this together. As one. We look out for each other.

Today,while remembering her beautiful baby on their birthday a fellow mama took a moment to also remember mine.

Amongst the bluebells.
We really aren’t just a community.
We’re a family.

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