Final day of Normality

We were off to visit Melody today, all of us apart from her big sister, who’d gone to a birthday party.
We were nervous about the visit as she’d had a couple of ‘bad’ days. 
Upon entry with my little boy we were greeted with the news we could have a cuddle with her.
This meant her big brother could see her outside of the incubator for the first time, he was so excited.
As usual the nurses opened her incubator, I was always scared about holding her.
But it was always so amazing. 
So soft. She certainly seemed to love cuddles.
Just making it to 2lb, she was still so tiny.
Her brother was in awe of her, he told her about his train collection,
even showed her a train.
We even managed an almost family photo.
Of course now I wish that I had never let my daughter go to that party.
She should have been with us.
Melody was doing so well, she’d picked up so much that tomorrow,
tomorrow her big sister could see her out of the incubator and watch a nappy change.
We were going to have a mummy and daughters’ day.
We’d decided we’d have a picnic close to the hospital, spend time with her.
We were incredibly excited.
Our first of many girly day.

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