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A Day of Hope 2013

To be able to find something so easy and humbling amongst the pain that can effect the day to day of a bereaved parent.
Finding it hard to fit in.
To fit in as a parent, because you lack any confidence.
When all the mum’s/parents get invited to baby/child things, or get support for things, but instead you’re left behind alone….
Not to fit in.
To fit in as a parent post loss because no-one knows how to act around us, in-case we infect them with sadness or death.
To fit in as a parent who has lost, because our story meant our baby didn’t live long enough, or lived for too long.
A Day of Hope for me brings change.
A change to not let these things break me any more.
Lifting the fog of worrying why exactly no-one wants to be around me, knowing whether it’s my beautiful on-line community from afar, or the very VERY few friends I do have are the ones who really matter, it’s just taken losing my daughter to realise this.
So this brings me to the community of people, I’m honoured to have in my life, it’s not just sadness of losing our children it’s the coming together, smiling together, laughing together and sharing our stories together.
With thanks to a woman who inspired me to do my own project alongside hers, thousands and thousands of miles away.
Day of Hope.
Our Prayer Flags
A reflection on just how much  these Angel Mum’s mean to me.
Relaxing therapy!
To know that somewhere a mummy or daddy has a smile on their face because of my little personal project.
I hope that I can achieve and do more, making less of a taboo helping not only other but myself too.
Love to each and all of you.
I want to change.
The black lingering cloud is lightening.
(I am very happy to add/do more)