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Guest Post Request. A Voice.

So, I’m thinking of opening up Melody and Me for a month for parents who have lost babies AFTER birth..

Neonatal, post natal, babies who came home but didn’t stay, preemies who couldn’t stay.

During our journey it has always been difficult to find decent stats for how our daughter died, and her age. Sometimes I feel like fighting to make her matter.

A lot of awareness can be centred around stillbirth and miscarriage, which is amazing; but I’d like to raise awareness of the babies who don’t fit the above, who were here for such a short time, leaving behind often many questions.

Maybe you could talk about the reasons for prematurity, or raise some awareness about how/why they died.

Maybe you’d just like to tell us who your baby is.

You don’t have to be a blogger, you can be anonymous. I’d just like to give them a voice. I’m hoping to get enough so I can share one daily, if not every other day.

Awareness for ALL baby loss is so important,particularly the things that take them from us.

You don’t have to include photos and Dad’s are welcome too. 

Message for more details.


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