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October 2015

A brief introduction to the annual project I am once again participating in.
It is project mainly in memory of our little girl Melody. Something I have found helped me during this journey of being a bereaved mum.
This will be my 4th time doing it.
I don’t find it  healing as such, as I’ll never feel healed or feel as though we have a complete family. But it helps as a form of open therapy, a place I can speak about our journey in often its rawest form.
I am in an entirely different place again this year from last year and considering taking a break from Capture Your Grief next year.
October, no matter how many years will have passed by is always the “Six months post” death, the half way point to the next anniversary, the next year without our Melody who is frozen in time.

I have made some new friends in the passed 12 months, and would like them to be able to get to “know” Melody too, as well as thank the ones who have remained here.

These are the subjects, I am really looking forward to working on them daily.

I will make no apology for speaking about her, 
I hope you can join me for 31 days speaking about Melody and how far we have come. 
I will also be doing a short project with a group I am very close with and will share these at the bottom of CYG.