The Waiting Game

I’d had my second lot of steroid injections. We were to have a tour of the neonatal unit. In preparation for when the baby arrives in 2 weeks. But John had yet to arrive. 
Baby was becoming less active, but I could still feel it. 
I was put on the CTG machine, which after a while it was decided I would need a scan.
Baby didn’t seem overly happy.
The scanner took a long time to turn on. It wasn’t the usual scanners as it was the weekend. This to me meant something really was up.
The Dr tried to reassure me it was just sleeping, having a rest.
It was soon time for our tour. 
The place looked huge.
I’d already had one baby in NICU, but her gestation was nothing compared to what this baby would be. 28 weeks compared to 36/37 no comparison.
I felt like an inch big. 
So many questionsquestions, yet nothing came out.
We were told baby had 80% of survival. 
Baby would be on a ventilator for at least 10 days.
Amazing odds. I hoped.
The tour soon ended, was good they took the time to talk to us.
Baby’s movements had a significant drop.
Again I was hooked up to a CTG, two hours this time.
John had gotten a lift sorted. 
But there was something not quite right.
I felt out of sorts but no idea why.
My head hurt, my stomach felt strange, dizzy my eyes fuzzed.
I was beginning to feel scared.
The baby also hadn’t moved for an hour, not even with a cheeky Turkish delight.
I had no idea what was happening.
The decision was soon made for me to have one to one care.
Even John was allowed to stay, this in itself had me worried.
In fact I was terrified.
On the CTG again, BP done hourly. 
This was going to be a long night. 
Would our baby last the night? 

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