The Countdown…Day 31

28th March 2012
It was obvious she was going to become such a daddy’s girl. 
She was very much like him too,(as are her little sisters). 
The picture doesn’t really paint exactly what she was doing,
But she was proving just how much of a fidget she was, head facing us, 
then the other, then back again.
Feet pushing up, unsure exactly what she was doing. Almost trying to roll over. 
She looks like her sisters here. 
Finally one of my favourite photos, and actually one of the last ones with her eyes open.
I have a bit of a struggle with her eyes, of course that comes with what happened later on. 
But the colour of them. 
My older two children, have blue eyes. 
Of course different dad, but I too have bluey eyes. 
When it came to her little sisters one has brown eyes like her dad,the other has my eye colour. 
Not knowing what my own child’s eye colour would have been 
Something small, but so great in importance, of knowing every aspect of your baby. 
An obvious every day one, yet I can’t answer. 

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