Say Their Name Bunting

As some people are aware, we’ve been advertising a little fundraiser of ours.
Say Their Name Bunting.
Here’s a little background.
We’ve put together a small team of crazy ladies to organise a public event.
A Barn Dance.
We’re super excited, we aim to raise as much funds for Towards Tomorrow Together who works with a group I run..Melody’s Voices.
As part of and in the run up to our event,which will be in February, we are offering pieces of bunting, for a minimum donation of £1, this will go towards our final total.

You see,there are many different fundraisers knocking about, Brave the Shave,coffee mornings, rainbow runs. Which are fantastic ways to raise money.
But not only do we want to raise money,we want to smash the silence,and raise awareness on just how many babies die. I know people don’t want to hear about it.
But it affects 1in 4. These are the ones we know about (some women miscarry at home,alone…in silence).

We’d like to create not only a way to remember the babies gone too soon,but a remembrance rather than balloons and candles. To show their names,their dates, that they do matter.
Tiny lives really DO matter.
To get people talking.

If you’d like to join in our awareness bunting.
Pictures will follow the event.
Find us on Facebook Melody’s Voices.
Or donate here. Just Giving


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