Please Bear With Me…

I know, to the people who truly understand, I don’t need to be writing this.
Please bear with me, I’m not well but I’m far from ill. I’m not really sad, but a long way from being ecstatic.
The insensitive words I can’t bear to hear. The naivety that makes me feel less of a person. Less than perfect. It’s not something I wish for right now.
Over the past few days I have had some truly amazing messages of love and support, and strongly believe that these wonderful thoughts are making things feel lighter, only this time it’s taking me longer to re-surface. But I know I will get there.
I know who will be there to stand, hold my hand firm, and stop me from going too far under.
But for now, thank you to those who can handle me at my worst, because at my best you know, it’s something worth waiting for.
Thank you John for staying home with me, holding me through my sobs
To the lovely lady and her wise words on water.
For the hugs, the thoughts and the prayers.
For those who can’t handle me at the moment, please just walk away because you’re not doing me any good.
I need people to make me smile, to make me cry laughing. To hold my hand listen and to show they are listening.
Not to hold my hand to use my words against me, for your own personal gain.
When life throws lemons, make lemonade a mixer for Pimms perfect for sharing with loved ones, through the absolute awful wretched days to the amazing unplanned days.

Thank you, I’m just sorry you understand more than many will ever know.

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