On This Day (Part One)

It began.

Five Years ago today a journey that started as something so natural, normal step from taking the marriage step.
A rainbow baby was on it’s way, a Mayflower’s seed begun to grow,to bloom.
Today of all the dates is insignificant. A moment in our history as a family, a date where it all began.

“It was the 12th,when I suddenly realised my period hadn’t arrived; I thought maybe it was due to the stress of everything around me, I really didn’t want to build my hopes up so soon after my recent losses…” 

The honeymoon rainbow baby,who turned into a form of storm, the colour changed, faded somewhat.
This day brought with it pain and darkness like no other. It was of hope, a journey of not only grief but love,beauty and above all..friendship.

When I discovered a positive pregnancy test,this time five years ago,I never imagined to be here.

Melody’s life didn’t bring sadness, she gave us a new light,a vision like no other. See everything so differently.
As we stood still,the world moved forward. Our story,the love that grew will last forever.

In 23 or so weeks she should be turning five, five weeks on from then will be five years without her.
Five years seems so significant. So huge.

12th September, may only be a small date.
But it was how I came to hold her.

The first sign post if ever needed on this path would be..

Step One.. Take One Day at a time,speeding ahead, sudden change of course can lead to stumbles, too many steps backwards.
Slow, baby steps. The only person living through YOUR grief is you. Every one is an individual. And no one should judge on how one “chooses” to grieve. Some choices are simply out of plan..

To be continued…

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