#MayWeAllHeal Day Two Grateful

Day Two 


It is really hard at times to find things I should be grateful for. 
How we got to spend 5 weeks with our girl. 
How we have photos of her, alive. 
How we were able to have a cuddle or two. 
Of course we are grateful, but why should we have to be grateful for these things. 
Given half a chance to be able to swap all of the above for our girl to have survived. 
Or one.more.day. 
So I pick 
My husband, 
My children, 
The people that stuck around, not leaving us out in the cold. 
More than grateful. 
I am grateful to have words, a form of expression, to get my thoughts out in a form of written word, 
and to have people read them, to help give them some understanding, just a tiny piece of how 
we feel every single day.  

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