#MayWeAllHeal….Day Twelve – Support

Day Twelve

Well of course as the cliché goes, 
“You certainly know who your friends and family are, in times like these” 
Really is very true. 
There are the ones who were there with the initial news, but then left, because I guess grief should only last for so long. 
The ones that were never there, only ever out for them selves. 
“Isn’t it time you got over it?” 
“Are you not feeling better or is it just the baby?”
Then there are the unexpected ones, who arrived for support and never left, may have been from the minute of the loss announcement, or a bit further down the line, the ones that don’t look in horror when you mention “One of my babies died”.
Online support has been absolutely amazing. 
Strangers from afar, yet have become almost as close as family. 
For these last few I feel very grateful. 
We didn’t really have the support from the hospital that other parents usually get, we felt locked out in the cold at times. 
Support for me, is people allowing me to include Melody in conversation, to listen and to not change the subject, or compare. 

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