#MayWeAllHeal…Day Thirteen – Courage

Day Thirteen

It isn’t something I see in myself, for me personally it hasn’t been an option of  being brave and courageous, just have to keep going. 
So I’ll talk about how courageous Melody was. 
She was a fighter, a damn good one at that feisty, hitting Drs away, crying when she had a nappy change, of course fighting that ventilation.
But it was the day she died, she filled me with awe. 
When we arrived, her little heart was being worked on, it had already been restarted 5 times by this point. But that little girl, not much bigger than a bag of sugar even on death, didn’t shed one tear. 
Of course she must have known what was coming, she was placed in mine and her dad’s arms, ready for the ventilation that she was put on over night, to be removed. 
She had her eyes slightly open, as we said goodbyes,, as our tears hit her soft face, and hair. 
She went so peacefully, although we begged her to stay, begged her to not leave us. 
She closed her eyes and slipped away. 
She was always so brave throughout her whole journey, and never complained even when her eyes were sore from the horrid procedure she had leading up to her death. 
She was just our brave little princess. 
I wish we didn’t have to let her go.

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