#MayWeAllHeal… Day Ten – Mother

Day Ten

Was something I had always wanted to be was a mum and like most mothers their worst fear is of course that of your children dying.
With losing Melody and the events after losing her, helped me to realise more, (not that I didn’t really not know before), just how precious children are. 
Never taking anything for granted, especially that children die. 
I’ve never been in the “cuddle brigade”, you know hug your child tighter because someone else’s has died or is seriously ill, because in reality children should be cuddled. 
I am a mother to all my children, even though one is not longer here, losing Melody (but not because of her) has taught me that no matter what, or how old your child should always come first. 
To never let your child feel let down or lonely or even belittled in anyway. 
Especially if your child goes on to go through the worst thing that can ever happen to them. 
I feel so incredibly lucky to be the mother of the children I have. 
Each and every one of them I am proud of, especially my older two, who met and said goodbye to Melody, they surprise me in how they behave surrounding her death, bringing her up with no fear. 
I am proud that I have had something to do with that, they have broken the taboo for their generation. 

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