#MayWeAllHeal Day One Precious

A project I have only just come across, thought I would give it ago. 
Through the Grieving Parent Network. 
While our life is hectic at the moment (this isn’t the place for that). 
There needs to a little time for our little girl who never leaves mine or her dad’s thoughts. 
May will always be a strange month for us. 
We got married in May, when we eventually conceived our “honeymoon” baby, she was set to be due in May. Two days after our Wedding Anniversary actually. 
But obviously she was born in the February before. 
She was supposed to come home. 
She was supposed to come home May 15th 2012. 
So May for us will always be the what if month. 
But of course nowhere near as painful or as heavy as the months we have just said goodbye to.
Although I always set aside October for a little something for her, 
I thought I would give this ago.
Day One

Obscure one. 
Precious Happy Memories. 
When we got married, we assumed the next thing would be a baby. 
Of course it was, just wasn’t how we imagined, we were only allowed her for a short while. 
Our honeymoon baby, we didn’t get to keep. 
Remembering how normal our lives were, the ignorant bliss that babies dying, only happened to other people. Of course we’d had miscarriages, but losing our precious little girl was a whole other level.
Never take for granted just how long these precious moments of careless happiness will last. 
Because one day behind the perfect smiles, eyes will tell a different story. 

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