#MayWeAllHeal…Day Nine – Self-Care

Day Nine

Talking it out, I know I am probably judged for continually talking about her, or bringing her up in conversations about children etc. She may not be here, but she still is my child, and she still has a story to be told. 
Writing, hence why I am here. 
It really helps me to bring things in the open, 
sometimes I do find it hard to express things face  to face, especially the deeper things. 
Putting them in written form for me is as good, if not better as therapy. 
I’ve spoken to a volunteer before, and the charity are amazing (CRUSE), 
but personally losing a living breathing baby, is very, very different to say, losing a parent or grandparent, so sometimes talking to people may not always help. 
So writing it out, I reach out to others, but people also read and say, yes I feel that way too. 
You’re not alone. 

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