#MayWeAllHeal…Day Fifteen – Soul

Day Fifteen

I’m not really sure where they want to go with this. 
With concerns of Melody,  I find it incredibly hard to think of her soul, being all around us. 
It is something I struggle with a little, I find the concept of angels and fluffy clouds hard.
I think its wonderful that people have this comfort, as I said previously people’s grief is very personal and very individual. 
I don’t see that I have an angel, people with living children call their children angels if they have been good, yet my child isn’t living. 
Being a little angel sitting in a big cloud high above makes it sound, like she’s in a better place, there is no better place than being here with us. 
Although we’re not as blunt with the children, they do know too that she isn’t an angel.
With these in mind, it can make it difficult to visit her at times, because all I see is her resting place and that IS where she is. She isn’t flying high.
I wish I didn’t feel like this, and at times I feel abnormal, because I have never had signs like feathers etc from her like other loss parents. 
But there are so many other things I beat my self up over about Melody’s death. 
This one is at the bottom. 

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