Looking for the ignorant Bliss

So today was our Anomaly, 20 week scan. Was absolutely amazing….once we got in there.
However my ever so slight wobble, which I had succeeded in hiding form hubby, almost stopped us from seeing our skittle again! I usually get some kind of nerves going before my scans but today I really, really didn’t want to go. I had this overwhelming feeling I needed that blissful ignorance that many women experience, that I used to experience .. I was thinking if I missed out on this scan, I could carry on thinking baby is perfectly well.
So several deep breaths taken, in between the fountain of hormonal tears that also erupted! This was before we left home!
We arrived at the hospital, heading to the antenatal unit in our own way, making sure we don’t directly walk passed NICU, I know if people were to watch us they would think we are completely loony, but it’s our way of being able to deal with being at the hospital again.
Got into the room and as soon as the jelly was on the water works started, we were lucky to have had a lovely lady who had scanned me before and knows how much we’re struggling. She explained everything, showed us every part of skittle….apart from the baby didn’t want it’s heart checking, no amount of bladder emptying, jumping and wiggling would make this rainbow move!
So my anomaly won’t be officially finished until my next growth scan in 6 days. But the woman was pretty sure skittle is all ok!
Baby weighs a lovely 356g so hoping that is a lovely weight already, all to size, really hoping so much it’ll continue.
Well I have about 10 more scans to et through here’s hoping some Bliss is found-just to settle my nerves!…
 here’s our 13oz rainbow 🙂

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