Day Twenty Two Self Care #captureyourgrief

I am not particularly good at spoiling myself, and actually not very good at others spoiling me either! 
With having a toddler at home, who doesn’t sleep very well, makes it hard to have time out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So, since the beginning of the year three of us have met up once a week dedicated to lunch and fun – The Mummy Adventures  
(If anyone who follows my author blog will know I actually write our adventures as a comic strip),we also do running on another night, and two of us do other things with the baby girls too.  

But this once a week has become so important to me, I think all of us find it important too; to be able to go out and just giggle, have a little bit of fun. Well more than a bit! It really has been a form of therapy for me at least
None of us judge each other, if we’re having an off day, then the other two can just tell, no need for explanations, just a smile and a cuppa. 
(or afternoon tea)
So this to me is my self care. 
Today although I actually failed to take a photo today, we had a wonderful time, we had lunch, we nattered, we shopped. 
This year is the first year in 3 years where I have been excited for Christmas, so Christmas shopping it was! 

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