Day Twenty Three Inspiration #captureyourgrief

There are so many inspiring people in this community, the ones who raise awareness, carry on going. The ones who help others to make sure they don’t feel alone. 
I am in absolute awe of these people, of course they have their strength, but as we all know, when that is all you have left, you have no choice but to be strong. 
I’ve said before that it feels very lonely, when your child falls under so many of the taboos, a silent statistic I guess. There is a lot of awareness for miscarriage, late miscarriage and stillbirth, and those lost days after birth. The awareness of course still  needs a lot of work, especially for the UK. 
Which brings me to being inspired to do something in my area, I know it is going to be very hard work, as support is slow and minimal. I would like to aim to help people to never feel as lonely as we have done st certain points. This is not the time to feel alone. I’m not sure how I will do this, bit I will give it a jolly good go.
My Inspiration for today, are bereaved parents everywhere.
Holding Hands with Cake and Cuddles.
Holding hands seeing each other through the dark..

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