Day Twenty Six Healing Ritual #captureyourgrief

Quite coincidental that this would be today’s topic. 
Today Melody would have been 2 years and 8 months old. 
On the 26th of each month I do a little something just for her and for me, I wear a vest top, that I used to wear for kangaroo care, something to keep us close.
Then come the 1st of every month I wear my Superhero t-shirt. 
A day where I have to breathe, to be as normal as I can be. To remind myself that I am a superhero, I live without our daughter everyday, yet I am still standing. 

My other I guess form of ritual is making sure we include Melody in all the celebrations, birthdays, Christmas and of course the closest on Halloween, 
as a family, we don’t really ‘do’ Halloween, it is just another day. The children occasionally dress up, they do like to make pumpkins! 
So again, today catching us at the right time, is Melody decorated ready for Halloween, 
she still has her banner from carnival season, be a shame to waste it..

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