Day Twenty Nine Reflect #captureyourgrief

A day to reflect on the past month, the project itself. 
I have noticed a difference this year to be honest, the past couple I have been solely focused on Capture Your Grief, I didn’t feel I had place for anything else in my life, the first thing I thought of, would plan down to the final detail on what I would be doing. 
This year I found myself a little more relaxed in it. I was still keen to do it every day, and there were days where I wanted to give up. But really, I know that isn’t something I would have wanted to do. Because this is something for myself and Melody. 
I have noticed a big difference in support for the project this year, sadly it has changed, don’t get me wrong it really does hurt, to find those who read and supported last year not so this year, it does hurt. 
I guess people really do get bored. 
However these topics have helped me to focus on it’s not me, I don’t need to stop doing this project. I’m not doing it for anyone else apart from myself and Melody; Will I do it again next year? Maybe I’ll have to see, I’m at a stage now where to save myself from the dwindling ears, where I may keep Melody more to myself. Maybe I’ll just share via this blog and the other forum. 
This year really has helped me reflect on so much, I am still worried about being open on certain things, but have found myself being a little more open about the things that I have been worried about, without actually saying the things out loud, maybe one time I will come to that point, where I have no choice but to say these things out loud. 
Two Days to go, I will miss not doing the project daily, but I am actually at the place now, where I don’t think I am going to feel heavy come November 1st. For me this is a real achievement. 
I’ve not healed, or over her, far from it, I’m just feeling comfortable in my own skin. These shoes are mine and nobody else’s. 
Wasn’t sure what to use for a picture today, so I will just share Melody

Mummy cuddles!! 

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