Day Twenty Five Mother Earth #captureyourgrief

It’s quite a dreary Autumn Day here so not a lot of planting going on here today. 
However we had made a start on the garden over the Summer, Melody has her own section at the bottom of the garden, where we will be putting a wooden patio set up there, which we’re going to paint and make look funky. And actually that part of the garden is the base setting for a writing project I am doing and excited about. 
We do have a long way to go, but we’re hoping by next Summer it really will be finished, or almost there. We want it to be a space that, the children play next to it, place to smile and have a cup of tea with her, or simply just a place to feel completely relaxed with just her and our own thoughts. 
She does have her very own rose, named Melody Caitlyn. And where possible she has daffodils, which we’re hoping to have her own in her garden too. 

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