Day Thirty One Sunset. #captureyourgrief

Well, I almost forgot, well I forgot enough not to catch an actual Sunset, but it’s not overly easy to get one, a stunning one from where I live anyway. 
My, how quick this month has gone; things have been different this year, I have been busier in my own mind, gives me a little bit of guilt for not dedicating this month to Melody as I have before. 
But I have had the mind space to be able to make a positive change, 
Presenting this years topic with a slightly different, more honest perspective, has helped greatly. 
I don’t feel as heavy, as the sunsets on another day, another month, my love for Melody hasn’t. 
My feelings for her haven’t. 
I’m not healed, I have just felt a more relaxed approach to talking about her. 
As I have said a couple of times this year, I am not sure if I will return to do this again this year, 
or whether I will keep it more private, more to protect myself. 
But I have learned so much, but I realise I still have so much more to learn, that is my next step. 
I would like to take a moment to thank the few who read and commented on the topics, 
it helped me to keep going. 
It may be a lot of rambling, but it does mean a lot that it gets read. 
So here is a photo of Melody, being held for the first time at 8 days old. 
Sun beating down on her face for the first time. 
I never in my wildest dreams thought I was going to be able to hold 
this tiny little person at just 8 days old. 
It felt incredible. 
I stroked her hair, I kissed her forehead. 
I felt her skin, so soft, so beautiful. 
It will always remain to us as unfair that our darling girl was taken. 
We will always question why?
She will always be our daughter.
Melody Caitlyn 
26.2.2012 – 1.4.2012
35 Days old. 
Forever Our Baby You’ll Be. 

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