Day Sixteen Retreat #captureyourgrief

The Wave of light last night, the Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness day left me speechless, the level of support through on line, the candles burning bright was humbling to see. 
But then it brought out the darker side of baby loss, how actually few people really think about others, and what others are feeling. 
The Baby Loss community gets battered and bruised in every single day, to watch every one else have Mother’s Day with all their children, to watch the announcements without a thought to anyone that could be hurting. 
We’re not precious or irrational, a thought or a remembrance to say the least. 
Compassion and empathy, for one day… 
One day where lost babies are remembered, one day is nothing, absolutely nothing in comparison to a bereaved parent waking every single day missing their child. 
But sadly it really shows that baby loss, unless you’ve felt the pain, is something that can’t be understood, and a reason why it is such a taboo. I feel incredibly defeated..
Today I wish I was here. 
But my retreat today, is getting lost in my preparation for a project I am having a go at. 
National Novel Writing Month. 
To write 50,000 words (at least) in 30 days. 
I had a go at the 10k one in July, but failed by a few hours. 
But at least I can say I tried. 
Can get lost in a magical world, a form of escapism.
Dancing like nobody is watching is Melody’s little sister..
Pouting girlies.
I have to
 Keep Going.
Keep Breathing. 
Keep Talking. 

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