Day One Sunrise #captureyourgrief

Good Morning. Here we are day one of the project. 
(7:10 UK)
I don’t remember having such a pretty October morning. 

(7:18 UK)
As I sit here watching the Sunrise and reflecting why I am here. 
The day she was born February 2012, brought a beautiful Spring Day, sun beaming into the ward. 
I never stepped outside that day. 
The whole time she was alive, it was glorious and hot! 
Wearing flip-flops and vest tops…in March. 
October is a funny month, it’s the in between month, 
with the 1st (today) always marking ‘post six months’ Then of course six months until. 

In Memory of 
Melody Caitlyn 
26th February – 1st April 

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