Day Nineteen Give #captureyourgrief

Like to think I give something to our community, in the form of ears, virtual and real hugs. I wish I could give more. 
I will every now and again, take some time out and dedicate that time in making pictures with the babies names, something small, for me personally I like to see Melody’s name being remembered, I think other people like them too. I haven’t added their names, just Melody’s as it’s not my place to share theirs. 
Wave of Light 2013 a dedication to all the babies in my immediate baby loss community, although I was very disappointed with the turn out that night, watching the candles burn, to remember the babies really was beautiful.
Fundraising for charities, currently Count The Kicks. I can’t do anything for Melody, like buy her toys, take her for days out, but I can do this, give to a charity, to help other mums to never have to feel the pain of losing a baby.
Finally I am part of the most wonderful organisation that I have ever heard of. We secretly write to each other once a month, sending cards and thoughts to another baby loss mum, to let them know they’re not alone. Third month we reveal ourselves with gifts to spoil the mama at the other end, I do receive too, but to be honest knowing that I can put a smile to my secret sister’s face makes it feel amazing.

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