Day Fifteen Community #captureyourgrief

The Baby Loss community hold the most amazing, inspiring people. 
Those who raise awareness to save lives, those who help to save lives.
 And those who just hold each others hands, from a far or from afar or close by. 
I am indebted to them. 

Although for many I have never met, I wouldn’t ever be without them. 
Their strength blinds me. 

So not only am I lighting the way for Melody, and her accompanying sparkles, the lost babies through pregnancy, and after. 
But to raise a glass to the people I call my
friends, for understanding. 
A community that is often attacked, and told to be silent, 
yet every single mum and dad I have spoken to, stand stronger than ever before. 
You’re my family, And I love you.
I remember all the babies gone too soon.
And of course I remember 
Our beautiful girl Melody Caitlyn
26/2/2012 – 01/04/2012
I miss you. 

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