Day Eleven Altar #captureyourgrief

Brighter subject today. 
Today is about a space we may have set aside for our children, 
a place to keep our daughter’s memory alive in our home. 
Of course she has a grave, but at the moment there is no real connection there, we’re working on it. 
And as you will have read, we’ve not the connection anywhere, but again we’re working on it. 
Over the summer we began work on a space for Melody in our own garden, but sadly money and now weather has put a slight hold on that, but we’re getting there albeit slowly! 
Maybe next October I can come back with the finished photos. 
So for today I have three photos I would like to share. 
Our beautiful memory box, which only gets opened a couple times a year, 
it remains in our room, close to us. 
Her most personal possessions are in there.
 It was given to us by my lovely birth group. 
Next is a Christmas one. 
We like to try and include Melody in the day, it’s hard when our emotions are incredibly torn, not to want to be sad because of my living children, but also needing to remember her too. 
So we decided to create her own Christmas Village, which we will add to each year. 
A piece of her magic in our home. 
Finally is her shelf.
 It is situated in our lounge, so she is a part of our every day life, 
she is there whilst we watch a film, or having a family meal. 
Actually we were worried about ‘others’ thinking it would be a shrine to our little girl. 
But you know what others aren’t wearing our shoes. 
Her shelf consists of 
Her sand picture, courtesy of Carly Marie. 
A cloud Baby, my son finds comfort in the cloud babies. 
Her personalised Candle Holder. 
Funky Hedgehogs.
Fairies, one is her birthstone fairy, 
the other is diamond for April, 
as she became a diamond in the April we feel she is appropriate. 
There is a little sign from a friend and a pink feather bauble. 
They are her things, she will never have a toy box, she has this instead. 
And we love it. 

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