#Captureyourgrief What It Felt Like

Day Three.
This page should be empty,non existent.
Truth be told there aren’t any words,or pictures to describe what it felt like,or rather what it FEELS like, the feelings don’t end,they just change slightly.

I really cannot put into one post just exactly how it feels.

Walking into the unit,where only a day before our daughter was doing so well,then to be told she won’t survive.
The early days are a blur, I wrote my thoughts, I can’t read them.
It takes my breath away.

I can’t really explain the feelings,not properly. The only way to know would be if you were to lose Melody, to be the one to hold her as she died. As she slipped silently away from us, her parents.
I cannot get this post right,to get the words out to say exactly how it feels. I can tell you, you can listen and say you understand. Your words are kind. But I simply can’t tell you.
I don’t want you to know either. Because that would mean,it would mean you’re in this club.

I still would have chosen her.

It takes your breath away.

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