#CaptureYourGrief Support Circles

Day Four.
Much like the grief emotion,support comes in waves. From different people,at different times.
Some support continued, it grew from the broken pieces that appeared,brought something amazing. Washed up on the sea, diamonds, gems. Once the waves rolled back they sparkled, no matter how beaten the gems were,they still shone in the brightest of colours.
The sea foam remained for a while,making up beautiful pictures of hope, of friendship. But at times they faded back, within the water’s edge.

Much like the sea,support circles-humans can be unpredictable, some add to the storm, leaving an aftermath of their own destruction.
But there are circles, who pick up the pieces, twist them,throw them…yet still make a beautiful rainbow.

There have been many,many people who’ve supported,then stepped back,many have remained.
I am grateful to every single person who has been apart of this journey, beit just in the beginning, or now. Everyone has a place.

My husband has been my sunshine. No matter the dark clouds,the rain he stays. He brightens the most darkest of days.

My support circle is this.

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