#Captureyourgrief Sunrise Dedication

Day One.
A new day.
A new month.
A sunrise.

Another year of my participating in this project.
I have,today walked this path for four years and six months.
Looking back I’d never have imagined this far.

As I begin this month, I hope to give more light, hope to anyone reading. To teach you about our girl,about our early losses.
That baby bereavement doesn’t come with a right or wrong instruction manual.
What I means to be here, learning to walk. That four years on,I’m still learning.

Skies are so unpredictable, individual in it’s day to day existence. There’s expectations, when it should rain, when the sun shines how much snow falls.
As humans, expectations beyond our control are high.
With baby bereavement it is even higher; the need for parents to get over their loss. Babies, children are replaceable,but only to those who’ve either never lost a child or for a generation who thinks it’s ok.
I’d like to change this.

Today the weather, the sunrise is…

Taken in Somerset, United Kingdom. 
7:13 am.
For the first time on this day,I thought I’d actually leave the house to get my picture.
The lane was so peaceful,calm incredible that not two hours previous it was thundering and lightening.

:5am, I was awake listening to the crazy storm we were having,not feeling hopeful for that perfect sunrise.

I am feeling positive.

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