#captureyourgrief Empathy

Day Six

I don’t expect people to understand, because the only way you’d truly understand would be if you were a bereaved parent too.

That’s far from what any of us already here want.

To have more thought to those who have lost children.

I know that you find it hard to find the right words to say, but here’s the thing, a lot of what is said to a bereaved parent, you’d never think twice in saying it to a widow,or someone who has lost a parent.

“God needed another angel”. For someone who doesn’t call our girl an angel, it doesn’t sit right. ” Why mine?”

You take a moment to think about the words or actions you’ve used for condolences.

” At least you can have another baby.” Now change the words to “At least you can get another mother or husband.” How awful does that sound?

Be kind to one another, listen.
If and when I talk to you about Melody, don’t fidget, it’s really rude, you may think you’re hiding your awkwardness, but really it is terribly obvious.
Her death is sad,it’s bloody awful, if you can’t find anything nice to say offer a hug,sometimes actions really do speak louder than words, don’t add to the hurt.
I’m not something you can fix and actually I don’t want to be fixed.
I will talk about her,because she is my child. Listen. I’m not contagious.
My reality is different to yours. But don’t treat me like I’m crazy.

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