#captureyourgrief Day Twenty

Forgiveness and Humanity
CarlyMarie Quote : 
True forgiveness can never be forced so if you are not feeling it – then you are not feeling it!
Unfortunately, this is me. At least at the moment. It no longer eats up at me, but I don’t have a heart or mind strong enough to forgive. 

I cannot understand, how people think it acceptable to treat another human being with so little compassion or empathy. To only appear once the hard times are over…this isn’t just baby loss, this is also the aftermath, and life after. 
If you’re going to be a friend, a good friend you can’t just pick and chose what part of our life you want to be involved in. 
It is cold. 
If my children ever had the hell of losing a child, I would be there for them, no matter how hurt, angry they were I would never stop showing I cared, or to give some kind of empathy.
I would hold their hands and never let go, hug them until their broken pieces stayed in one place. 

So right now forgiveness is something, I am not ready to find….

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