#captureyourgrief Day Twenty Six

What am I grateful for?
They say being part of the baby loss community, would make it hard to be grateful about anything in daily life.
But actually for me personally it is the opposite, yes I do see the world differently, I think this makes me even more grateful. 
The love I have around me, in the beginning I had my husband and two children to help me out of bed, I had no choice but to get up of a morning, to keep smiling, to keep breathing. 
No question about it.
Now I have two extra little people too, I don’t really see them as rainbows, its a beautiful concept. 
But there won’t be any “after storms”, because we live with this every day. 
Sadly people do think that once you’ve had a new baby you’re fixed. 
Instead they are our Sunshine babies…the four of them, because even if we are having a stormy day, the sun still shines, maybe hiding behind a thick grey cloud but its always there. 
Just like Melody’s siblings, although not hiding. 
Every single day I am grateful to be able to get up and breathe another day.
Grateful that Melody brought me people, friendships. 
Whilst showing me true colours of people who should have been there. 

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