#captureyourgrief Day Thirty

Looking back from my very first Capture Your Grief back in 2012 to this year’s I would never have imagined that I would have some kind of feelings of peace. 
The world seemed like a heavy and ugly place, nothing was right with the world, babies aren’t supposed to die. 
October will always be Six Months post anniversaries, six months until, that’ll never change. 
But this year I’ve found to be living and grieving differently. 
That is the thing I can live, I can breathe. 
I am allowed to look forward to things and be excited. 
I feel this year’s entry for me has been a lot more positive than previous years. As I share this over on Facebook, they have the Time hop and reading back through different days I can see a difference. 
I don’t know what has changed this year but something has. 
For anyone in this community, especially new people, I would recommend to do Capture Your Grief, if you’ve the time because for me personally it has helped. 
Here is a couple of pictures of Melody at 30 Days Old.

Little cutie pie.
I do not regret a thing about having her in my life, for only a short time. 
I do only wish we could have kept her. 

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