#captureyourgrief Day Sixteen

Creative Grief
In the beginning I had all these wonderful ideas of raising money in her memory, raise awareness, make a change. Which we did, we raised £120+ at a Car Boot Sale, £1300 at our big fundraiser and about £50 at our final Ice Cream Party. 
But it became so disheartening when people didn’t turn up, or support we stopped focussing on it. 
We also attempted a community wave of light, advertised…there were 5 of us there. 
It has been hurtful, so creating something in that respect has been disappointing.
I’ve always loved writing, at points in my life I’d have people take the mickey, about me putting pen to paper, especially, if I felt I couldn’t say things out loud. 
I felt embarrassed and hid my desire to write away, until I met my husband. Whilst pregnant with Melody I wrote her journal, which I’ve already shared here. But I’ve carried on, through the blog and I am working on my first couple of Novels.
I may not be particularly good at what I put out there, but I love it. Love it even more that I don’t have to feel embarrassed by it. 
I have included Melody in a story, but I won’t reveal here just now. 
But I am excited. 
I have these pieces of jewellery, one from my husband, which now needs updating 
(not hinting in the slightest), it has our family tree, including the nicknames we gave our miscarriages. 
Melody, and of course my living children.
The second piece was a reward for taking part in a film, raising awareness of baby loss. 
Feel very proud to be a part of. 
I am Sacred…because of you…

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