#captureyourgrief Day Six

I found it hard to concentrate on reading. 
I’ve not read books on loss as such. 
I’ve a couple, but have only read briefly so far.
I was reading Harry Potter the day Melody was born. I was on book four, the consultant told me he wouldn’t deliver until I’d finished Deathly Hallows.
Of course we didn’t finish that day being pregnant. 
I’ve not returned to them. I used to be a fan of Twilight, but I cannot bring myself to read those either.
It was a time of innocence reading them, a fantasy romance I guess, the un-dead with a happy ending, yet our baby died.
To be honest it is hard to explain, these feelings about reading.
I’ve read The Casual Vacancy, then went on to watch the series, which annoyed me somewhat, in the book they hit upon child death. The series changed the ending because…it was too morbid….
How will the taboo of child loss be broken, if these things happen. 
I’ve actually written Melody’s Story, unedited in its raw form.
Starting out as a Hyperemesis journal, to NICU life, to life after loss. 
As you may have guessed I love writing, I may not be particularly great at it, but it is an out let. 
Pen and Paper when no-one else could understand. 
A couple of people encouraged me to self publish, so I did. 

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