#CaptureYourGrief. Day One

Sitting waiting for the glorious sun shine that we have had the past few days, as always this day takes me back to the day she was born. Once back in recovery I could see the beautiful spring sunshine from my rather large room. 
I love the sun, the summer. But this day I wasn’t interested, I remember needing immediate updates from NICU,  I felt impatient it seemed to take a life time before we got told how Melody was doing. 
Of course I felt hopeless,  I was still numb, my legs didn’t feel like my own so there was no way I would be going anywhere either. 
John was finally allowed a visit, bringing a photo and a video. 
It was long passed sunset by the time I could be well enough to be wheeled down. 
Was a surreal day. 
But she had arrived with the sun, a kick and a squeak. 
So, today it seems the sun is hiding…
Typical of Melody really, stubborn right until the end. 
Today marks 3 and a half years since we said goodbye. 
#captureyourgrief #whathealsyou
Day One…See you tomorrow.
* * *
31 Ways To Remember


I have a few songs, so I will share one now and one for CYG.
Songs would be Gold Forever By The Wanted. I’m not even a fan of their music. But the colour yellow is her colour (which I’ll go into later), so Gold is a form of yellow. The lyrics remind me a lot of her.
Also Grace by Kate Havenik. Beautiful song

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