#captureyourgrief Day Nineteen

Year in, year out I share the song we played for her funeral, 
Sia – My Love. 
I don’t think Sia’s version is on YouTube any more, and cover versions do not do it justice. If anyone hasn’t heard it, it was featured in the film Eclipse. 
I would also mention Police – Every Breath You Take 
Or Amazing Grace, Bag Pipers. 
Music is really important to me, it can take me off guard, it can make me smile, make me cry…
I have stuck with the same few songs that remind me of her, with the occasional new one.
This year I’ll share one, that caught me off guard in the car a few days ago, for me the majority of the lyrics brought out a tear…
Ed Sheeran’s Photograph
“We keep this love in this photograph

                                        We made these memories for ourselves
                                           Where our eyes are never closing
                                               Our hearts were never broken
                                                  Times forever frozen still”

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