#captureyourgrief Day Fifteen

Wave Of Light
United Kingdom
Being part of this community, it really does show that horrid, cruel things happen to very good people. Although I don’t have a choice but to be in this loss community, I feel so honoured to know some of the most wonderful, nicest of people.
Tonight I am thankful that once I reached the doors of The Hotel California, I was met with open arms and warm hugs. Where I could also reach out my arms to the people walking in behind me. 
Making sure the doors remained open.
Tonight I remember Melody Caitlyn
Born Sunday 26th February 2012 at 13:46. 

Feisty from the moment she was born, until she closed her eyes peacefully

Sunday 1st April 2012. at 9:30.
For a brief moment, my tiny little stars who never made it passed a few weeks
2003 11 weeks,
2010 7 weeks, 
2010 5 weeks, 
2014 6 weeks.
Not forgetting all the babies who I am honoured to know their names and their 
beautiful mummies. 

Thank you.
We don’t always need candles to light our way, 
when we have a community who makes our own.
My News Feed has been glowing bright
Far too many candles lit.
Far too many children gone.

I hate being a loss mum.
But I am so honoured to know so many special families, and to know their lost children.

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