#captureyourgrief Day Eleven

Glow In the Woods
Two paths lay in front of us, both were dark but only one had an access, there was no choice, with our heavy backpacks, but to walk forward on to this path. A little way in there were lanterns glowing on the floor, relieved I picked it up to help us see in the dark, with these lanterns were people, they had lanterns too, making everything seem brighter in such a dark place. 
I had no clue where we were going, or what we’d be doing, but we carried on walking. 
A few more joined us, some came silently others had their own heavy back packs and lanterns to carry, whilst others joined empty handed, but open arms. 
The further we walked the brighter things became, the darkness didn’t seem so scary. 
Then different paths appeared a few of the people without backpacks filtered off, gone as quick as anything, no word of warning, or reason, leaving our path darker again.
There seemed to be a few that remained close, the warmth was felt, it soon became obvious these people were going nowhere. 
More lanterns appeared, the light up ahead of us seemed brighter. I knew then that the people who chose to stay, most carried backpacks, a couple didn’t, that only meant their lanterns lit the paths better, as their lights shone through in the darkest of areas. 
There is a new light, one I’ve not experienced since stepping onto this path, a natural light no longer overwhelming or painful, bringing with it, some fresh air, a space to be able to breathe. 
The path somewhat smoother. Looking at the people standing close, I can see a smile or two, bright eyes. Nothing is ever the same again, but you just know that things will be ok. 
It is a long journey that in time no more lanterns disappear or fade away. 
The brighter the area, the easier it is to see a way forward. 
Better way to see the new sparkles in eyes, seeing a whole new world, the beauty rather than the ugly black that framed the footpath.
There is beauty within the darkness of the woods, you just have to have the right amount of light around you, because it simply cannot be done alone. 

Right now, we’ll pitch up some tents make a camp fire, get comfortable in this area I quite like.
Toast marshmallows, sing songs, tell stories. Listen and have warmth. 
Nothing quite like the company of people who can give you nothing but a reason to smile. 

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