#captureyourgrief Day Eighteen

Seasons And Symbols
Would have to be Spring, yellows, the bright colours all remind me and her dad of her. She brought the spring sunshine, which in turn meant the daffodils. 
Big significance, in that they don’t live very long. 
They may not be the most beautiful flower, 
in fact there are far more stunning flowers out there.
But they’re what is drawn to us, because they’re spring. We had them at her funeral too. 
We had gorgeous sunshine the whole time she was alive, vests and flip flops in March! 
Sun burn too. Simply beautiful. 
It rained after her funeral. 
Day 15 in March, I am wearing a vest top! 
Symbols, crazy one would be fairies (butterflies too), but they’re renowned in the fantasy world of being naughty, cheeky little creatures, most of all tiny and incredibly beautiful.
Which is exactly what Melody is…
I have fairies on her shelf, she’ll have fairies in our garden, she has them (and daffodils)
on her headstone.
Full of colour. like her.
Our Disney Fairy..

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