Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Twenty Seven Signs

Day 27: Signs.
Last year this was a little easier to flow with this one.
Feathers every time I had my Cruse appointment, as if Melody knew I was talking about her.
But I suppose I am in a different place this year.
Where I’ve not a lot of belief in this type of things.
Here are some things I did or occasionally find a sign from Melody.
We’ve a picture of an outing we had had, and one section was called Melody Close.
Rain a sign that she quite possibly having fun with the hose pipes
(which I’m sure after the weather forecast, I won’t be thanked for that one  )
The yellow rose in our new garden, not planted by us, but is her colour.
There is a pink one too…
Her way of demanding she have HER colour in our garden.
The next picture was of us letting off balloons on her first due date,
there is actually an extra speckle to the balloons,
i like to believe it was her coming to collect them.
And of course finally Rainbows, in more ways than one! 

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