Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Twenty Five #Sayitoutloud

Basically today is about what we would say if were to be involved with The Still Project Video.
Saying it honestly, and exactly how it is.
Well I have put some things down.
But not everything.
We have things to think on, things to keep private for now.
If we dared to say it out loud,
I think there would be a shock!
Because I wouldn’t stop!
So here is my entry for today’s topic
Melody is not a miscarriage
I have had 3 my self,
but to call Melody a miscarriage is unacceptable. I cuddled fed changed this baby, she cried for nappy changes.
And fought with the cardiologist while he put jelly on her chest
She may never have come home, but she was not a miscarriage. 
She stayed and played for 5 weeks….35 days.
She is a sister.
Her big sister and brother are not afraid to mention Melody
so please don’t avoid her name in front of them.
They don’t have to talk about her all the time, but they know who she is
Do not include them in your Taboo.
Your silence will not deter them.
Her little sister will speak her name too.
She should have come home.
No need to explain this one really,
because if I begin to say how I really feel on this.
I will not stop….
I won’t stop talking about her.
If it makes you feel awkward, then don’t bother.
walk away
We didn’t lose Melody to annoy people, but the same
we won’t hide her away.
I will chose her every single time…
Don’t assume
Don’t assume if you mention her, I am going to curl up in a ball and cry
or cry in the middle of the street.
I like it when you do mention her name,
it means that you are keeping her in your thoughts
Don’t assume my house or by me visiting Melody is obsessive or a shrine
We have things that you will never ever see or even know,
Don’t assume that she died “just because she was premature”
There’s no “just because” about it….it is a lot more than that…
Say it out loud
I have had 3 miscarriages
1 Neonatal Death…

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