Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Thirty One Sunset. But instead I am lost for words

I said I wouldn’t post…
Today should have been
But instead
It saddens me to say
The baby loss community has once again
been thrown into darkness.
The event page was attacked by non bereaved parents,
over flowing into other forums too.
Vile comments on photos.
Abuse on non photographic posts.
I’ve never shared pictures of Melody after she died,
Not because I am ashamed,
I am proud.
But I am ‘lucky’ enough I have pictures of her alive.
Had I not I would probably look at them.
To the parents who do I am in awe of.
I hope that one day I can.
Then there are the nasty comments.
When the comments hit at your child,
Do people not realise how devastating it is to hear,
that your baby  to everyone else is less than perfect.
But offending a non-grieving parent wasn’t in the plan
when we heard the words
“Melody will not survive”
This was not to offend.
I have been called a “fucking weirdo”
Not for sharing a photo.
Not because I chose to stand up for my community.
but because I am a bereaved mum.
Attacked because my baby died.
Does this not get shitty enough without people
with absolutely no understanding, telling us how to grieve.
I am ashamed.
As I look back on the past 29 days.
I felt so proud to be sharing my journey
with people who aren’t bereaved parents.
To see people say how much they have loved reading.
Thank you to those who have read and commented.
And followed.
Will I be here next year?
Doubtful, the negativity set me back a little.
I’ve not a sunset picture.
But a Halloween one.
Because after all this project has up until today
In Loving Memory
Melody Caitlyn

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