Birthday Art

When Melody died back in 2012,it left us dates,empty dates. Dates with nothing to show but a heavy sinking feeling. An obvious void,of a day kind of list….OK it is hard to explain, if you’re not in this situation. I’m sure if you are,you’ll understand.
To attempt to fill this emptiness,wrapper less,non-party day,we asked if people on our pages if they could possibly remember Melody,in unusual/arty designs,by writing her name.
We’d done this a few years ago too, I wasn’t going to this year but decided at the last minute we would.

We received loads. So many different beautiful designs,a lot of thought had gone into them,making it felt that at the moment of writing,Melody was being thought of,somewhere.

As you can see they really are beautiful.

We’ll scrap book them all,we love them,it’s not really right to have a photo album for them, so scrap booking is just as perfect.

We’ve had over the years the same few people who do these things,who stick around. The new people who’ve just joined our circle, also join in remember.
Over the years,the very sad things is we’ve come to know who is and who isn’t there.

Over the past few weeks,we’ve had several conversations of people admitting they’ve no idea what to say to us.
Here’s the thing.
We really are very normal..well give or take a few tweaks 😉

Yes,we do have a daughter who died,yes it is unbelievably painful..but we do still like to be spoken to,included in things.
We’re not scary,we’re not contagious.
I’m just someone who loves to talk about all of her children, even if one is no longer here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who took the time to tells us,we were in your thoughts.

Her Birthday Treats

Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

 A Brave Scottish Princess, for of course our brave fiery Princess
Daffodil plant pot…We have one too!

Her latest Gnome (who doesn’t stay with her, after a bad experience we take him home)

Birthday Colours..

There was a balloon, but far, far too windy to leave there. It is at home too. 

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