14 Days….

336 hours
20160 minutes
1209600 seconds
in the past month ive had 2 of these,
 images (8)
a couple of these
camera!!!!!! 006 (4)
Good preparation for 6 weeks post op I guess!
And then there’s the going from 4 weekly having these done
to a meeting with this guy once a week!!!
They wonder why I’m anaemic!!!!
Anyway the days really are passing by far too quickly, becoming more and more frightened as they do pass by.
Scared of not being able to keep her.
Knowing full well I was stroking Melody’s fluffy hair, unaware to her never coming home.
All I want to do  is cry , but of course this makes me sick! I can’t win.
I thought the last couple of weeks would get easier….we’ll see!
I really hope I can come back in a few weeks with amazing news that our rainbow is giving us sleepless nights, that is all I ask for.
While I’m here and still very, very pregnant I want to quickly say thank you for holding me up during this pregnancy,  being honest friends, not “fair weather”
Listening to my fears, then my excitement, understanding my one day up high, the next down low and still not judging me.
Well apart from calling me a loon!
Jenny B
S.E and B.T ladies.
And of course The Hubster
Whom I may add is VERY calm, I am almost jealous!
Here’s a final scan of our little Rainbow
at 35+5 she is very proud of her feet!
Thank you to those following, I’ll either get loonier OR I’ll be back with a Birth Announcement!
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