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The Countdown…Day 32 Eye Test

29th March 2012
That day, the day that unbeknown to us was the beginning of the end.
Eyes sore and swollen.
She had an eye test, one that is often difficult for premature babies to handle. Retinopathy of Prematurity eye test. They don’t allow parents to comfort their babies during this time as it is uncomfortable to watch. We didn’t know that she’d had it done until after.
I wish she hadn’t. 
But her eyes are a painful reminder of what was to come.
I wasn’t allowed her up and give her a cuddle, even though she was uncomfortable,
I couldn’t even stay long or touch her much either.
My darling baby felt under the weather, and all I could do was look at her through a plastic box.
This bit is painful.


She reached this though.
A huge milestone for micro preemies; she’d hit her first kilogram – at last!
Barely a bag of sugar.

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