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The Countdown…Day 29. Melody

26th March 2012

Was my first day back driving, Monday to Wednesday evenings

We used to stay at my brother in law’s house, whilst he was out of the country.
It was nice to be close to the hospital, but this was coming to an end, but so was the NICU journey.
With counting down the days until Melody would be moving out of the unit, and coming home.
Today it felt good to be able to pack the car for a few days and drive over,
without the need for buses or lifts.


It was Incubator switch over day, they’d do it once a week.
I remember taking this photo, wanting to show Melody when she was older the clear box,
she had spent her first few months in.
All in the name of memory.
Today was daddy cuddle day.
We would try and take it in turns to have cuddles.
He was always too scared because she was so tiny.
But she certainly love her daddy cuddles.
She went back into her incubator, but not long after needed a nappy change…and a sheet change!
For someone so tiny, her bowels worked perfectly! If you have ever had a newborn who’d poo as soon as you change the nappy, then do it again when a new nappy is placed. Premature babies do this too, well at least this one did. She always had a way of saving her poos for Daddy too, I guess just like a lot of newborns too!
To save taking her out of the incubator again, I lifted her up to help the nurses.
She looked quite chubby here.
Back cosy finding her thumb.
On this day we were able to do a tiny little video of Melody having the hiccups, such a tiny little noise, and so incredibly cute.
I initially only took it to show her siblings, we also have ones from the day of her birth too.
But they’re private.

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